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The George E. Corson Honor Award

George E. Corson Award application form may be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.


Eligibility: The Applicant Must:


* Be an Active member of Omicron Theta Epsilon.

* Have at least senior standing at the beginning of the next fall semester.

* Be majoring in Biology, Microbiology, or Botany.

* Have completed at least 15 units in biology courses in the major by the beginning of the next fall semester.

* Have at least an overall GPA of 2.7 and at least a 3.0 GPA in the courses required for the major at the time the application is submitted.

* Must be a full-time student the semester for which the scholarship is awarded:

   -- Undergraduate - 12 or more semester units.

   -- Graduate - 8 or more semester units

* Normally awards will be distributed during the Fall semester registration. Awards of $600 or may will be split between Fall and Spring semesters.


Evaluation: Applicants will be evaluated on the following (Award not based on financial need):


* GPA in courses required for the major (30%)

* Overall GPA (20%)

* Participation in Omicron Theta Epsilon (20%)

* Biologically related extra-curricular activities (15%)

* Other extra-curricular activities (5%)

* Personal essay (10%) (percentages represent approximate weights)


Application: Due by March 1 - Each applicant must submit:


* A personal essay that clearly presents your activities related to items in the evaluation section of this page; your future academic plan; your reason for applying for this award; and why you are qualified to be a recipient of this honor. Remember about 10% of the evaluation is based on your ability to communicate, in a succinct fashion, all of the above.

* A transcript of all completed course work.

* Minimum of one letter of recommendation.

* GPA total for all courses in major.

* GPA for all coursework - cumulative.

* A list of coursework in progress.

* A list of anticipated courses for the next academic year.

* The general university scholarship application form.


Scholarship Selection Committee is composed of:


* Dean of Natural Sciences, Omicron Advisor(s)

* Faculty member other than Omicron Advisor(s)

*  Omicron President or other officer and an active Omicron member other than an officer.

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